Sunday, 22 of October of 2017

Assistance For Single Mothers!

I was working with the Leeds escort agency for several years and I became very comfortable with a client, I became pregnant. When I told him after about a couple of months because I was scared, he denied everything. This was the first time that I was ever pregnant and I knew that I was on the long road of being by myself.

I was reading the local newspaper one morning and there was a class being offered for free, it was called “Preparing for the baby’s arrival”. I was interested and I called right away because I wanted to attend the class. This class offered great expectations of childbirth, gave me important information about breastfeeding and where I could go to get additional assistance for me and the baby.

It was offered on the second Tuesday of each month, I attended every class and learned a valuable amount of information that I needed to be a great mother!