Friday, 22 of September of 2017

Finding a Sitter

My child has been so whiny lately that it is driving me absolutely insane! I am not sure if she is cutting teeth or just testing out her grumpy vocals. My best friend in the whole world from Leicester escorts is coming down to help me with her as my mother is in the hospital and I need to visit her. I know she would love to see the baby but I think it is better to leave her with a sitter where all she has been doing is screaming and fussing. My mother does not need any more stress on her heart after the heart attack, so I am going to leave my little bundle of joy at home. I know the baby will be fine at home with her because Jane has four kids of her own, I believe they are all over the age of 18 now if I remember correctly. Needless to say she is a great mom.

Purchasing My Dream Home

I did not start looking to purchase my dream home until I was about forty years old. My ultimate goal was to save money out of every paycheck before I bought a house. I either wanted my house to have a small mortgage payment or no payment at all.

After a year of searching for homes, I decided that I wanted to relocate. One of my preferences was to live in year-round warm weather. The house that I ended up getting was in a great spot because there are so many activities to keep me and my Nottingham escorts companion busy.

We like to participate in all the water activities such as surfing, boating and kayaking. It is only minutes away from my home and the nightlife is excellent. I am close to local bars, shopping and dining areas. When I have to travel for work, I am only 20 minutes from the airport.

Pizza & Euchre Party

I had a pretty wild party over the weekend with a bunch of my buddies. We were going to go out for a night on the town but it was too cold. I ordered a pizza, wing dings, cheese bread, subs and pop to soak up all of the alcohol that we would end up drinking that night.

We played about six games of euchre and then we started to get really bored. My friend called a couple of his escorts in Nottingham friends to come over and liven up the party. They did just that and an hour later everyone was dancing around in my living room. I am sure my neighbors are not happy with me right now because they knocked on my door several times asking me to turn the music down. One of the escorts answered the door and she barely had any clothes on, definitely a fun night!

Beautiful Art

Tonight is the night of the rock concert I have been dying to go to! I have worked hard all year just to fly up North and vacation while listening to a three day rock event. My boss from Derby escort agency was not impressed with the timing of my little vacation but he is going to have to deal with it for now. It is a little cold where I am at, but no colder than the looks I get everyday at work. Just because of my tattoos and piercings I get awful looks like I shouldn’t be working in an office. My thoughts is that people with tattoos are just as successful as any other individual and should not be criticized because of art work on their skin. Everybody expresses art in different ways and this is just one form of it. To me it is beautiful.

Assistance For Single Mothers!

I was working with the Leeds escort agency for several years and I became very comfortable with a client, I became pregnant. When I told him after about a couple of months because I was scared, he denied everything. This was the first time that I was ever pregnant and I knew that I was on the long road of being by myself.

I was reading the local newspaper one morning and there was a class being offered for free, it was called “Preparing for the baby’s arrival”. I was interested and I called right away because I wanted to attend the class. This class offered great expectations of childbirth, gave me important information about breastfeeding and where I could go to get additional assistance for me and the baby.

It was offered on the second Tuesday of each month, I attended every class and learned a valuable amount of information that I needed to be a great mother!

I’m Going to Do This

My fiance left about ten months ago and since than I have not been with another man. It is not that I don’t want to, I just haven’t found the right guy yet. I would much rather have a fuck buddy and not be so lonely rather than sitting at home every night by myself. The only problem with it is that I become attached to easily and I can’t do that to myself. I guess I am just going to have to find out the hard way and try an do it anyways. Either way it will give me what I have been missing out on the past months. I think it is unhealthy to not have any intimacy in my life, so I can and will do this!